Tandem Social | Intercooperation
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We contribute to the launching and growing of social enterprises

We actively participate in projects of high social impact, forming part of the advisory boards of different social enterprises.

    • Partners of the second degree cooperative
    • Clothing outlets that create employment for people with mental health problems

    • Trustees of the foundation
    • Sale of high quality food products for the reduction of food waste and the labor insertion of people at risk of exclusion

    • Members of the advisory board
    • Sportive activities for social inclusion in the scope of addictions

    • Members of the strategic committee
    • Art, sport and culture as a tool for inclusion and empowerment

We participate in social and solidarity economy networks

We believe in collective force for transformation. For this reason we actively participate in different national and international networks that promote a new economic model, social and cultural inclusion, the conservation of the environment and education.

    • Presidency of the association
    • Promotion of social entrepreneurship

    • Members of the governing board
    • Representation and promotion of work cooperativism associated in Catalonia

    • Associate member
    • Promotion of the social and solidarity economy

    • Strategic alliance
    • Promoting social enterprises at an international scope

    • Associate member
    • Ethical and solidary financial services

    • Members of the advisory board
    • Investments with a social impact

    • Members of the Barcelona’s Venture Board
    • International network of social entrepeneurship suport

    • Participation
    • Accountability and measure of social and environmental impact and good governance