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We are experience and knowledge driven

We offer talent, knowledge, social and business experience since 2011. We strive to offer quality strategic consultancy services that generate real change in the organisations with whom we collaborate.

We transform

We offer our services exclusively with the aim of improving and growing the transformative economy and the social, environmental and educational sectors. We aim to transform on local, national and international level.

We are a consolidated and a dedicated team

We are a consolidated team of people who are 100% dedicated to bringing projects with a high social impact to life by accompanying and collaborating with our customers.

Sergi Rufat

Sergi Rufat is a founding partner of Tandem Social. He has a degree in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University and has many years’ experience in the world of social economy consultancy and in transformative entrepreneurship. His main functions are the design and implementation of strategy, and accompanying the organising team. He is 100% involved with the projects and applies his ability to reflect and empathise. There is nothing he likes more than being in nature, hand crafts and cycling, especially if it is with Eric and Natalia.

Andrea Balletbò

Andrea is a partner at Tandem Social. She has a degree in Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University and a Post-Graduate Degree in International Cooperation, a Masters in International Relations and an MBA from ESADE. With a strong ability to connect with people, she is responsible for coordinating and executing training programs. She is the life of the office: she is always energetic, smiley and positive.

Jaume Oller

Jaume is a founding partner of Tandem Social. He has a degree in Business Administration, an MBA from ESADE and a Masters in International Development from Setem and the UPC. He started working as a strategic consultant at Everis before deciding to dedicate his professional career to social enterprises and to the social economy, initially within the framework of Fundació Un Sol Món. At Tandem Social he has been able to combine his work as a consultant with his vision of social transformation.

Jordi Gusi

Jordi is a founding partner of Tandem Social. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona (UB), a Masters in Management in non-profit organisations from ESADE and a Masters in Social Economics from the UB. With a long history as a consultant in the social sector, his functions are to implement the strategic vision and the commercial side of the organisation. He likes networking, generating synergies and has a talent for public relations, in fact you will hardly ever catch him without his mobile glued to his ear. He loves running marathons and playing with his three children.

Miquel Juncosa

Miquel has a diploma in Management and Public Administration from the Pompeu Fabra University, a Masters in Social and Community Policy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and also in Leadership and Innovation in Non-Governmental Organisations from ESADE. The main part of his professional career has been in the Third Social Sector. He is currently the manager of Obertament, a Catalan alliance working to fight against mental health stigma, on behalf of Tandem Social.

Maria Solans

Maria is a partner of Tandem Social. She has a degree and Masters in Business Administration from ESADE. She has a long history as a strategic consultant in the support departments of the General Management in private companies and in previous years she has specialised in the social and solidarity sector. She likes projects that create new social enterprises and fundraising. She loves cooking and the theatre.

Blai Collado

Blai Collado is a partner at Tandem Social and has worked as a consultant with us since 2014. He conceives his work as a tool to transform situations collectively. After studying at a cooperative school, he received a degree in Business Administration from the Pompeu Fabra University and a degree in International Business from Maastricht University. He also has a post-graduate degree in Economic Analysis and Political Philosophy of Contemporary Capitalism from the University of Barcelona. He describes himself as being “more about facts than words”.

Micaela Valverde
Micaela Villaverde

Micaela has a degree in Business Administration by the Argentinian University of Business (UADE). She has a postgraduate degree in Teaching University (UADE), a postgraduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship, Economics and Business (UVIC) and a postgraduate degree in Social and Solidarity Economics from the (UAB). She has worked as a process improvement consultant for important companies in Argentina and as a university teacher at UADE. She likes to work on projects that generate social impact to improve our life. She loves to travel and as a good Argentine, she is smiling, sociable and addicted to drink mate!

Eva Bach

Eva has a diploma in Marketing and Communications from the Barcelona Business and Marketing School. The majority of her career has been in the advertising sector as an account manager and project manager at different leading advertising agencies. With the aim of redirecting her career towards sectors that are more in line with her values, she joined Tandem Social to support the team in the areas of corporate and marketing identity, and general office management. She is addicted to travel and to the yoga practice.

Jaime Lacueva

Jaime is a consultant at Tandem Social. He holds a degree in Business Management by the University of Barcelona and a Masters degree in Audit and Management Development by the Barcelona School of Management. With experience in the corporate world as a financial auditor and risk consultant and in the start-up world as an operations manager of a social enterprise in Chile, in Tandem Social he combines his multidisciplinary experience with the desire to contribute to society and learn new things every day. He loves daydreaming and going on adventures.

Silvia Garcia

Silvia holds a degree in Business Administration and a Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE. She has more than 4 years of experience in business consulting, participating in various sectors and multicultural environments. She believes in her critical spirit that together with her social commitment motivated her to join Tandem Social. At Tandem she can develop her professional career while being part on the change she wants to see in the society. She’s always looking for new adventures, likes to discover cultures and strongly enjoys music and dance.

Clara Martínez
Clara Martínez

Clara holds a double degree in Law and Political and Administration Sciences’ from the Pompeu Fabra University and has a master’s degree in Social Policy, Employment and Welfare from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has worked in different projects related to innovation, management, research and participation. She seeks in Tandem Social a place for learning and growing at a professional level with people and projects which work for social justice and equality. She loves travelling, cooking and trekking.

Maddiha Farooq

Maddiha holds a degree in Humanities and in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University. She has also completed a diploma in Interactive Media at the Academy of Information Technology in Sydney. With some prior experience in the communications area and content creation, she joins the team to be in charge of Tandem Social’s communication area and of the audiovisual side of Tandem Social’s online platform. She likes being involved with projects that support a fairer societal structure and which stem from social conscience.

VIctor Segura_2
Victor Segura

Victor is a consultant at Tandem Social. He has experience in fostering the development of social entrepreneurs and managing and assessing international aid development projects. He holds a Master in International Solidarity and Social Inclusion from UC3M. He enjoys working in international environments where his language skills can stand out. He believes in the strength of the collective actions and in “conscious consumption” as levers for social transformation. Besides work, he is passionate about literature and loves the Mediterranean Sea.

Itziar Gastaminza

Itziar is a graduate in Political Science and Public Administration, with a minor in Social Analysis. With experience in projects for gender equality, she joins Tandem Social to learn about Social and Solidary Economy and to grow both professionally and personally. She is especially interested in gender mainstreaming, public policy and data analysis, skills with which she wants to serve projects with a social impact. She is passionate about learning new things, such as languages, as well as spending time with the people she loves.

Miguel foto web
Miguel García

Miguel holds a degree in International Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master in External Action of the European Union from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has collaborated with different international entities linked to sustainability and municipalism. He has also worked in the development of innovation projects at the European sphere. He is very interested in exploring new ways of social transformation at international level. He conceives the social economy as an enabler of change towards a more inclusive and just society. He is a lover of endless conversations with friends and is keen to go jogging by the sea.

foto Jana Castany
Jana Castany

Jana holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration, with a minor in Government and Citizenship from Pompeu Fabra University. She also has a Master’s degree in Political Analysis and Institutional Assessment at the University of Barcelona. She has been part of research projects on citizen participation and analysis of local public administration. For her, Tandem Social means a great opportunity to grow professionally and work for economic and social transformation. She is passionate about dance, photography and nature. Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and her friends.

Foto Daniel Osorio
Daniel Osorio

Daniel is a graduate in Political Science and Administration from Pompeu Fabra University and he is about to finish a Master’s degree in Political Analysis and Institutional Consultancy at the University of Barcelona. As he is interested in the promotion of public policies that promote sustainable development and territorial structuring, he has been involved in several local projects in the town where he grew up. By working at Tandem Social, he hopes to contribute with his knowledge to the development of programs that have social impact.

Foto Javi
Javi Mata

Javi is a graduate in Political Sciences and Administration from the University of Barcelona and is currently taking a Master Degree in Human Rights. He has developed most of his career path in the Third Sector, specialising in the management of public financing of social projects. He joined Tandem Social to support the entire team in the areas of HR, projects and logistics. Javi loves cooking, music festivals and traveling.

Foto Gemma Graells 3
Gemma Graells

Gemma is a graduate in Administration and Business Management from the University of Barcelona and is currently enrolled at the Postgraduate in Social and Solidary Economics – Cooperative Studies. Before entering Tandem, she has been managing a company’s financial-economic area. She has always held a very critical overview of the world and society. With the aim of contributing to the promotion of more sustainable, fair and inclusive ways of doing, she joins Tandem Social with a strong desire to grow both in the personal and professional fields. She loves to enjoy live music, nature and is passionate about animals.

Foto Joan LL
Joan Llonch

Joan is a last-year student of Global Studies at Pompeu Fabra University, providing him with an interdisciplinary perspective. Thanks to having participated in a university association, and having worked on coordination and organization tasks, he has experience in managing non-profit organizations and team leadership. He begins to work in Tandem Social with the aim to contribute with its desire to learn and train in the Social and Solidary Economy, and to participate and collaborate in the ideation of new projects in the third sector. Finally, he is characterized by being an organized and methodical person, with an empathy and awareness of the needs of the different groups in our society. He’s passionate about padel, watching series and travelling with his friends.

Foto Ariadna 1
Ariadna Julià

Ariadna is a student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Pompeu Fabra University. This degree stands out for its interdisciplinary and interuniversity nature, which has allowed her to study at four different universities (UPF-UAB-UAM-UC3M) and develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of social sciences from different perspectives. She has an extensive background in the leisure and free time education sector, including more than 15 years as part of a scout group, where she has been able to grow and develop as a person and accompany children and young people in this process. She joins Tandem Social eager to grow and learn and contribute professionally to social and economic transformation projects. She loves music, traveling and watching sunsets in nature.

Foto Constanza web
Constanza Arismendi

Constanza is a Commercial Engineer from Universidad Diego Portales – Santiago de Chile- with a postgraduate degree in Gender Studies from Universidad de Chile. Before joining Tandem Social, she was working in a management consulting firm for small and medium enterprises, accompanying, training and advising in the implementation of management practices, development of growth projects and depersonalization of leadership, among others. She joins Tandem Social to learn about Social and Solidarity Economy in order to dedicate her time and knowledge to projects with a social focus. She has a special interest in gender, politics and equality issues. She likes the sea, photography, learning and getting to know new things, people and places.

Foto Andrea Lizana
Andrea Lizana

Andrea is a consultant at Tandem Social and coordinates the communication strategy. Graduated in Journalism with a specialisation in Politics and Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in Digital Communication for Social Transformation, she understands communication as a tool to develop communities. With experience in the media and leading the External Relations strategy in Third Sector entities, she seeks to be able to accompany projects in their search for value-added content. Beyond communication, hiking and dance are her passions.

Foto Julia Muñoz
Júlia Muñoz

Júlia graduated in Political and Administration Science by UPF. She is currently finishing her Master degree in Environmental Intervention and Management by UB. She has experience as project manager for the non-profit organisation in which she has been volunteering over the last 3 years. She also has experience in the environmental-education field having worked with kids, as well as a camp coordinator in Barcelona. She starts off in Tandem wishing to grow professionally. She is passionate about everything related to sustainability, cinema and socialising.

Foto Noelia Fort
Noelia Fort

Noelia holds a degree in Criminology and Public Prevention Policies by Pompeu Fabra University and a master’s degree in Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies by the University of Barcelona. She has worked in third sector organisations as a European project technician. She joins Tandem Social as a consultant specialized in gender, she is particularly interested in gender mainstreaming in public policies and is eager to learn about Social and Solidarity Economy. In her free time, she enjoys swing dancing, playing table-top role-playing games and discovering new places to go for an afternoon snack with friends.

Foto Ignacio Serra
Ignacio Serra

Ignacio is a consultant at Tandem Social. He graduated in Business Management and Project Management from La Salle URL and has experience in consultancy and management of international sustainability related projects. Ignacio has been very involved in social, educational, and migration projects and has been volunteering in Barcelona and Bilbao. He joins Tandem Social to get actively involved in a dynamic and transformative work environment that aims for the social and economic transformation of our society. He is restless to learn new things and is passionate about mountaineering, reading and music.

Foto Vanessa Gutiérrez
Vanessa Gutiérrez

Vanessa holds a degree in Psychology from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​and a Master’s degree in Photography and Design from ELISAVA. She has worked as a humanistic psychologist and professional counselor with a variety of population segments (youth, people with disabilities and vulnerable adults) and managed several social projects co-financed by the Catalan Employment Service and the European Social Fund. She also works as an independent photographer and artist, and has had several community and individual exhibitions. She joins Tandem Social to continue to evolve as a person and as a professional, exploring her own interests and values ​​such as ecofeminism, social economy and equality. She is infinitely curious and smiley, and enjoys art, culture and good conversation.

Foto Eduard Molist
Eduard Molist

Eduard holds a degree in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has experience in the field of citizen participation and has been involved in the management and dynamization of local cultural and volunteer organizations. Interested in community action and social policies, he believes in the transformative potential of the social and solidarity economy to achieve more equitable and democratic societies. He joins Tandem Social with a great desire to grow professionally and place his skills at the service of projects with a social impact. He enjoys running in nature, popular culture and live music.

Foto Ariadna Troté
Ariadna Troté

Ariadna is a consultant at Tandem Social. She is a graduate in Pedagogy from the University of Barcelona, with specialized training in the fields of team leadership (EADA), competency-based orientation model and impact assessment of socio-educational projects. She has spent more than 6 years coordinating teams and has experience in project design for tenders with public financing. She is passionate about pastry, travelling and interior design. She joins Tandem to grow professionally in the fields of consulting and Social Economy, to learn and to be part of a multidisciplinary work team.

Foto Marianne Puig
Marianne Puig

Marianne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona and an Official Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has participated in the design, monitoring and analysis of projects based on alternative economies that aim to improve the well-being of people while also taking care of the environment. She joined Tandem Social to support and be part of innovative and inclusive initiatives that promote a society based on sustainable development. She loves yoga, snorkeling and playing board games with family and friends.

Foto Mercè Dalmases
Mercè Dalmases

Mercè has a degree in Labour Relations from Pompeu Fabra University and a postgraduate degree in People Management in Organizations and HR Management. Her career is focused on the field of human resources and she is convinced of the importance of knowing how to manage and motivate a team. She joins Tandem Social to support the HR Department and she hopes to be able to contribute and grow professionally, along with Tandem. She likes travelling, nature and the theatre, which is why she has been taking part in the yearly theatrical performance of La Pasión de Olesa since her infancy.

Foto Pablo Sanchez
Pablo Sánchez

Pablo has a master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Pompeu Fabra University. He is an expert in advising organizations on how to be more socially and environmentally sustainable, by defining strategies and promoting high-impact projects. He has centered his career path on consulting, where he believes he can do his part to improve society. He likes to host parties, drinking wine while cooking and taking care of his plants.

Foto Emma 2
Emma Garcia

Emma holds a degree in Sociology from the UAB. She has experience in the management of cultural and associative organizations, with the aim to strengthen the local social net. She also has wide experience in educational leisure through participating in her town’s Scout group and other volunteer work with youngsters and children. Additionally, she has taken part in programs that promote ApS in universities and to reduce school segregation. Coming from a wine-growing land background, she is passionate about the world of gastronomy and wine and she likes spending time with the people she loves and live music. She joins Tandem with a great desire to grow professionally and to continue working for social transformation.

Foto Berta 2
Berta Moyano

Berta is undertaking a double degree in Statistics and Economics at the University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. She is interested in data analysis and strategic planning in transformative social projects. Her involvement in free-time education and cultural associations has provided her a good foundation in project management and team leadership. She joined Tandem to contribute to the construction of a fairer and more sustainable society, as well as to learn about project management and impact analysis. Curious and energetic by nature, she loves culture and popular movements, as well as nature and meeting friends.

Foto Víctor P
Víctor Pérez

Victor holds a double bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management & Administration from Pompeu Fabra University and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University. Specialized in public, social and community strategy, he has worked as a consultant, trainer and project manager for organisations based in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and Singapore. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and loves taking part of initiatives focused on building partnerships and alliances, creating models for sustainable development and strengthening social cohesion and inclusion. Explorer and curious by nature, he loves the Mediterranean and enjoys the practice of yoga and swimming.

Foto Berenguer
Berenguer Alibés

Berenguer graduated in Labor Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​with a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the same university. He is passionate about labor law and human resources management in companies. His professional career has just taken off at Tandem, where he hopes to be able to contribute with his knowledge and learn as much as possible from such a professional team. He likes music, listening to it as well as creating it, sports and entertainment enjoyed with friends or family.

Foto Joan G 2
Joan Galán

Joan graduated in Political Science and Public Management from the UAB, with a specialization in Public Policy Management and Analysis. He has experience in public sector related projects and local administration in the field of economy and finance. He has carried out various tasks of institutional, fiscal and legislative analysis as well as evaluations of public policies. He is interested in local, metropolitan and, especially, rural economic development. He joins Tandem Social with the desire to grow professionally. He loves handball, percussion and enjoying with his people.

Foto Onditz 3
Onditz Portabella

Onditz graduated in Political Science and Administration. Later she completed a Master’s in Environmental Intervention and Management and, additionaly, a Master’s in Development, Cooperation and Community Action. Bringing to the team more than 15 years of work experience in project management at various skill levels, she joins Tandem Social with the desire to contribute and learn, to keep looking for answers and ways to transform together. She is a woman who pedals long distances: restless and chatty. Sometimes serious, often not so much.

Foto Enric
Enric Oliveras

Enric has a degree in Political Science and Administration at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he also won the Debate League of 2019 and collaborated with the student movement. He has been so interested in popular culture and community networks that he founded a colla castellera (human towers) in his neighbourhood, l’Esquerra de l’Eixample. With experience in consulting and justification of subsidies, he enters Tandem Social eager to bring joyness and all possible help. Always hungry for knowledge, he loves asking questions, public speaking, learning new languages and meeting different people!

Foto Mariona
Mariona Montalà

Mariona is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, a degree coursed between Barcelona and Madrid (UPF-UAB-UAM-UC3M). She has also completed a Minor in Gender Studies at UPF. Throughout her life she has been closely linked to diferent cultural associations, participating in her town’s scout group, “casal”, “colla castellera” or theatre group. She has experience in public policy management, international politics and local policies. She joins Tandem hoping to take part of projects and initiatives that aim to promote and transform the world we live in. She is passionate about reading thrillers, doing any activity which implies going to the mountain and travelling.